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Just entered Paypal at 39.5


Just entered a long position on paypal @ 39.5

Reason: I like paypal, i use paypal. Great brand, Huge growth space in the mobile industry. Plus now it is near its support. More over most businesses use paypal checkout.

Risk: Strong competitors like master card and visa trying to dominate the online payment industry.

Current TP is 42 but will exit earlier or later depends on fundamental.


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Do you love money?

Hi, all. You guys can call me Ah King. My English is not very good so pardon my writing.

I started this blog because I love money. Leave this website now if you don’t love money as this blog is all about $$$$. Anyway i am not selling any services or products, i am just trying to record my trading journey on this blog. 

On this blog I will be sharing my US stocks investment portfolio and how I slowly profit my way to retirement. Feel free to comment on any of my post, no one is perfect, so please share you views so we all can learn together.

I started investing in March 2016, currently, I am in the green, around $27K SGD profits, you can take a look at my current winning portfolio here.