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Why Berkshire Hathaway and not STI?

Before i started buying my first stock i was looking at ETF. ETF because i don’t how to choose stock and i am too lazy to keep following my trade. Therefore, i look at STI ETF where i can own a basket of top Singapore companies. At that time STI was 3300-3400 range. Being a son of a business man, after listening to all my dad’s stories, I felt that there was a lack of potential in future growth in Singapore. Hence i venture into other countries. I was looking at Japan, Australia and USA. Then i came to a conclusion US was the best. Look at the chart below, Candle stick is STI and orange line is S&P 500, ignore the numbers for once just look at the overall picture. Who will you buy? S&P 500 la!


However from the chart above, some might felt that S&P 500 is overvalued, growth is unsustainable. If recession come all die, at least 50% down. All my friends never invest one all keep telling me recession coming, I now go in i also scared, so i when to look for defensive stock. This is where i come across Berkshire Hathaway.


Candle stick is BRK, Blue line is S&P 500.

So its clear that BRK > S&P500 > STI

Now i just need to ensure i enter at a good exchange rate and buy BRK Dip. I know i can’t trade like buffet, so i just buy buffet. In addition, BRK don’t give dividend, so can avoid the 30% dividend tax in US. Very good for Singaporean!

Below is a publication from Berkshire annual report. Imagine last time your ah gong ah ma put $10 in Berkshire in 1965, now you got 5 million dollar go buy 5 small condo and still got money change Rolex every year.

PS: This is just my honest review, Don’t later lose money come find me.



Warren Buffet also wear Rolex ok! Mai Siao Siao!


Do you love money?

Hi, all. You guys can call me Ah King. My English is not very good so pardon my writing.

I started this blog because I love money. Leave this website now if you don’t love money as this blog is all about $$$$. Anyway i am not selling any services or products, i am just trying to record my trading journey on this blog. 

On this blog I will be sharing my US stocks investment portfolio and how I slowly profit my way to retirement. Feel free to comment on any of my post, no one is perfect, so please share you views so we all can learn together.

I started investing in March 2016, currently, I am in the green, around $27K SGD profits, you can take a look at my current winning portfolio here.