About Rolex King


Rolex King aka Ah King

Age: 23 as of 2016

Gender: Male (Interested in females only, duh!)

Hobbies: Financial markets, Talk Cock, Reading and Writing

Education: University of Birmingham, Business management (Haven graduate *sobs* )

Job: Student, Working Part time insurance and working part-time in a family business

Email: SGRolexKing@gmail.com

Favourite Colour: A stack of $50 notes, so Blue!

Goals: Retire by 30! Go find Siam Bu in Siam Land

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Why you start this blog?

A: Sharing is caring so i don’t need keep repeat the same story to my friends, plus it is a good way to discipline myself.

Q: Where i get my money?

A: I am lucky to born with a silver spoon.

Q: Do you really have a Rolex?

A: Nope i don’t but my dad have plenty.

Q: Are you looking for a girlfriend?

A: Not at the moment, Money first! Girls Later!