Rolex King Winning Porfolio

This is my portfolio, BRK and RAI will be my core. Please don’t anyhow follow my trades, don’t later lose money come find me. Please note all values are in USD. I am using interactive brokers so my exchange rate spread is less than 1% better than your raffles arcade.

As of 24/02/2016


As of 10/12/2016

Will be using this view from now onward as i feel it is a better view of my portfolio.


(Sorry i know abit small, please right click and open in new tab to have a clearer view)

As of 28/11/2016

28_11_2016Market Value is in USD

Started this account in March 2016 with 100K SGD in BRK.B

50K SGD in RAI after Brexit

Other stocks are just for flipping







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