Month: February 2017

Portfolio update

This are all my current holdings. Mostly tobacco.


Realized profit and lost

Big lost on TDG, should not have sold it as it have already recovered.





How To Buy physical GOLD in Singapore?

For those that want to believe in gold and commodities you can refer to the following ways to get physical gold.

UOB Headquarter.

Head down to Gold Department at UOB Main Branch and tell the
counter you want to buy gold.

Another way is to get it from bullionstar.


Currently i do not own any gold bars but i hope to get some for my parents in the future.

Warren buffett view on gold

Just invest 7k into NTNX

Currently i am day trading options so i wont be doing much blogging. i will blog when i take a new long position.

NTNX is my latest position. Technically is bullish and i like the fundamentals of it. It is in the cloud computing provider and CISCO recently offered to buy them over but was rejected.

Please note this stock will fluctuate up to 5% on a daily basis.