Month: January 2017

RAI brought by BTI

For thoses that have bought RAI with me, u will be smiling now 🙂


Nike 60 in 2017


On Friday, i entered an call option of 55 on Nike, this is my first options. Nike is a market leader in the sporting market. Poor performance in 2016 is due to strong competition from Adidas (NMDs and Yeezys). I belief the moment Nike will continue to innovate and gain back its momentum in 2017.

60 is a safe call

70 breakout if its competitor are not performing as well.


Time to stop using cheque and go long on credit card companies


From The Nilson Report, consumers are turning to Credits/Debit cards and electronic payments.


This chart shows that Visa is a market leader in the cards industry.

visa rolex king.png

This is a stocks price movement of the top 3 traded companies in the US market.


Visa have strong business fundamentals and it under-performing compared to it’s competitors.

I am long on VISA. Currently have a small position in VISA

Looking to take profit on VISA at 83


2016 was a tough year for Nike, will 2017 be nice?


Last night was the starting of a new trading day. All my stocks were going strong except for my casino investment in Wynn.

This week i am going to look at Nike. Daily technical show bearish, but rejected the 50 multiple times. Monthly and yearly view is oversold. Hence i will say not undervalue but Nike is in great value now.

It have a strong moat like what buffet like. Still a market leader in sports market despite fierce competition from Under-amour and Adidas in the past few quarters.

3 options

Enter the market now – 50 range

Enter half position now and enter 2nd position if it drops to 40

Wait till it drop till 40-45 range

Entry point will be 50 for me

Short term TP – 60