My holy grail and some stocks that i am looking at now


As of 30/11/2016

Hi guys, this is my watch-list for US stocks. Most of the stocks you should have heard before, like Paypal, Google, Amazon etc.

Currently i only take long position (means i only buy, i don’t short the market). So i will look out from sharp drops and validate the fundamentals again before i enter the market.

Lockheed Martin (LMT) is one of the hottest stock that i am looking at now. Basically is it a supplies weaponry to US army and also other parts of the world. After trump won, many felt that his influence will bring more war. Please note LMT has already gone up 10% since the election result was out. Still looking for a good chance to enter.


F35 One of Lockheed Martin defense product

I will also be looking to take more position in Phillip Morris (PM). They are the supplier of Marlboro, so for all those smokers out there time to put some money in PM to cover your smoking expenses. Their new product iQos is very interesting. I am not a smoker but response in Japan on the product seems to be positive. It is basically a new vaping method that involves heating up cigarettes instead of burning them. Below is a video of the iQos.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert, i am just a ordinary guy wearing a Rolex. Please do your own research.


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