FREE Tools that i use for stock analysis


People always ask me where to find information on US stocks ar? Every investor should be well equipped with the correct tools before they start. Information is key! Below are the tools i use daily for creating my winning portfolio.

Trading View – Free interactive stock charting tool.

Finviz – My favourite stock screener, lots of advance filters, fundamentals and technical all covered.

Seeking Alpha – For professional analysis and news updates.

Stocktwits – I don’t really use this, but its good to see how are people reacting to certain stocks. Sometime their comments might pull you back before you enter a trade.#

So what i usually do is use Finviz to look out for stocks. Then i will put the ticker in Trading view to understand the technical. After that i will go to Seeking Alpha to see if others are thinking like me. Learn to play around with all this tools, its quite addictive after you start 🙂

Do comment below if you have any free trading tools that i miss out!

Please note i only use the Free version. I don’t subscribe to them as i don’t do day trades hence it doesn’t really help me.






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