How to transfer stocks from DBS to IB


This is for personal experience. It took me a lot of calling to IB and DBS to clarify. Hope it help.

Just managed to do a DTC transfer from DBS vicker to IB.
Here are the steps on how to do it

Firstly, login DBS vickers and fill up the withdrawal of foreign stocks form.

Below are the information of interactive brokers.

DTC Participant 0534 Interactive Brokers
Broker Contact Person: Asset Transfer Team
Broker Telephone Numbers: +1 312 542 6901
Broker Email/Fax No: No fax. Please email:

After submitting the withdrawal form, they will inform you where your stocks are held under, Mine was Pershing LLC, please take note of all the information as it will be required for the next step.

Next, go to IB account management > Position transfer > Free of payment. Fill up the required information base on the information DBS Vickers provided to you. Please note they might tell you to do the “Free of payment” request 5 days later.

Then you are done Happy trading!



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