Costly Lesson that i learn thru 20 years of my life.

Below are some money saving methods that young and old can learn. Key learning point: Only buy things you understand!

  1. Avoid INVESTMENT LINK POLICY aka ILP, allocation rate was only 30% -.- Means i put $1000, $300 go into investment, $700 insurance company eat as commission. Even with 100% allocation, every year 5% management fee, ETF in US only 0.5% max, no wonder insurance agent all drive Mercedes.
  2. Avoid Leverage! 2X also cannot, if you leverage X2, stock drop 50%, your stock = $0
  3. Don’t Gamble on soccer. Barcelona vs IDK what team, KNN lose, lose 1000.
  4. Don’t go Siam tiu open bottle, get your insurance agent to open for you, some will diao hua for you also. #rolexkingtips
  5. Want drink Starbucks? Call insurance agent also
  6. Don’t waste time on workshops like Adam Khoo or Whatever wealth adviser shit. Tuition fee easily $1,000. If you portfolio 10k only, haven start invest already lose 10%. Trick: Tell them you got 10k and you will pay them your profits. If they accept good for you
  7. Really too much money and too lazy to invest? Just put in FD, above 300K can get 1-2% guaranteed, still got free twg tea to drink every weekend.
  8. Oversea property market PLEASE AVOID unless you own-self fly down see the house. i seen people think they put 100K but 1 apartment, end up only buy 1 sq ft in some slum.
  9. Car, don’t be stupid use half your salary go buy car. Car depreciated damn fast.
  10. Below 30 want buy GTR or Ferrari? don’t bother, one year insurance 20-30K, My insurance can buy Mercedes and drive.
  11. Do illegal things don’t get caught, be smart.

Learn from my mistake. Learn to spent money wisely.


Confirm all in Barcelona and everyday go choing.


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